Madeira 1st Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Dec. 5, 2018

Report Summary:

The MarSP project intends to engage stakeholders from the beginning of the process, taking into account the various stages of the maritime spatial planning process in Macaronesian regions, and applying methodologies in line with European ethics guidelines and requirements.

The Autonomous Region of Madeira is a pioneer in the process of maritime spatial planning in Macaronesia, and the spatial plan developed over the last three years has already been submitted. During this time, various stakeholders participated throughout the process, especially through plenary meetings and sectoral group meetings to discuss conflicts between uses and activities in the regional maritime space. Taking advantage of the last plenary meeting of the advisory committee of the Madeira maritime spatial plan, the 1º MarSP Stakeholders Engagement Workshop was held simultaneously with the objective of convincing these stakeholders, mandatory by law, to follow work to be developed by DROTA after the approval of the plan through the MarSP project, which will serve as a basis for a possible future review of the plan, which is now pending approval.

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